Swimming Lessons at the Park & Pool

A Summertime Tradition!

Swimming lessons are held Monday to Friday mornings for two weeks.

                                                                                 2022 Set 1:   July 4th - 15th

                                                                                 2022 Set 2:  July 18th - 29th

Prices include GST. All fees must be paid in full prior to start of lessons.

To register please call Zoé at (204)532-2123 or email swimming@parkandpool.ca

Starfish, Duck, Sea Turtle

To Be Announced

Levels 1 - 4

30 minute lessons

$62 / set

Sea Otter, Salamander, Sunfish, Crocodile, Whale

To Be Announced

Levels 5 - 8

45 minute lessons

$70 / set

Levels 9 - 10

60 minute lessons

$78 / set

Rookie, Ranger, Star
Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross
Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard Course

Available if enough interest   TBD+Cost of Book

Available if enough interest   TBD+Cost of Book

Available upon request           TBD+Cost of Book